One size does not fit all.  Each company is unique, each stage has different needs, and each situation requires a tailored approach and execution. 

As we partner with your company, using this approach as a foundation, we build strategies based on clear expectations, both tangible and intangible, for our partnership going forward.  In general, our solutions may contain a variety of the following elements based on your situation and needs:

General IR

Aggressive proactive outreach

We reach out to your shareholders on a regular basis, both via telephone and email, providing them regular company updates, fielding any questions and collecting any feedback they may have.  All the feedback we gather is relayed to the company and action taken based on desired outcomes.

Audience creation

Relying on our proprietary database and relationships formed over the years, your dedicated team will introduce your company to new potential investors, with the aim of creating a following for you.  This seeks to maximize your corporate visibility which may ultimately affect your stock’s trading volume and market capitalization.  Your new followers are additionally added to a database segment where they will receive regular company updates from us, much like your current shareholders.

Shareholder inquiries and feedback

We also provide the more traditional, reactive service of fielding shareholder inquiries and passing on relevant feedback to your company.  We become your point of contact and your voice to your shareholders.

Strategic Consulting

Corporate messaging and positioning

Depending on your needs, we will draft corporate communications such as press releases, shareholder letters, fact sheets and conference call scripts to name a few.  Everything is tailored to address any current situation and project a consistent corporate image in line with desired outcomes and compliant with all regulations and oversight.

Roadshows and webcasts

Road Shows and Webcasts are the most effective method for introducing your company and interacting with various stock market participants and investment industry professionals.  We seek out these opportunities for your company and assist in developing company specific, audience targeted presentations in order to maximize the engagement level of the diverse audiences.  While in person interaction is deeply impactful, leveraging the far-reaching capabilities of a webcast is a must in our current environment.

Exchange Uplisting Transition

Uplisting is a major transition for any company.  We have worked with multiple companies as a partner on their transition from a pink sheet or OTC listing to a major national exchange, such as Nasdaq and NYSE.  We have the experience you require to anticipate and prepare strategies for this tumultuous and exciting transition.

Digital Branding

Digital channels and assets are used to communicate a company’s positioning as part of multichannelbrand communication or engagement programs.  We approach digital branding as overall digital communication and consider its role in the context of the business strategy and brand planning, devising a comprehensive strategy for your company.

Capital Formation

Not all funding is equal. We have trusted relationships developed over years of experience with multiple funding entities to partner you with the right solution for your needs at the right time.

Media Strategy

Our experience in identifying the characteristics of the target audience and defining the characteristics of the media that will be used for the delivery of the messages, maximizes the impact of your message and your exposure.

Throughout your journey, your needs will change on a regular basis and will require a partner with the agility and experience to anticipate, develop and execute different strategies swiftly. One of the reasons we limit the number of clients we accept is so that we can provide the time sensitive response and execution your situations may require.